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Last Saturday on the 4th, we were at the astonishingly picturesque Delft, perhaps best known for its link to the great Dutch painter Vermeer. Think girl with pearl earring. Those visited voted for their favourite colour from our PowerCube Colour series – red, blue, green, and grey. Turns out our visitors fancied blue the most. Is that your favourite colour too?

Did you know that it was the Egyptians who first discovered the way to produce blue dye? This was done through mining and unearthing lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone that was scarce and highly-prized. The bright blue robe in which painters depict Virgin Mary in was not chosen because of its religious symbolism but because of its hefty price tag.

Our next alloStand will be in Maastricht, the Netherlands on Saturday, 2nd December. Come enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the Limburg province.


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