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There are certain practices you can use to upgrade the way you manage tasks in your personal life, like creating processes and even carving out time to focus on resolving the issue.


The difficulty you want to work on maybe staring you straight in the face, such as the thousands of pictures in your phone that are taking up valuable available space.
Transfer all your important data from your phone to laptop and save spaces with the USB cable.
Allocacoc’s Power |USBcable| has an uncommon flat design, making it less likely that the cord will entangle when you stuff it in your bag. And if it does, the knot will never be as tight as it could get with a conventional cable.


When there are children in the house, it’s our duty to use the electrical devices carefully keeping in mind the safety of our close ones. Ideally, the more protected the space, the more efficient your blocked-off time will be.

Allocacoc’s Powercube has a surge protector and child lock safety features which is very helpful in maintaining electrical devices at home. A lack of outlets leads people to daisy chain power strips together, creating an unpleasant looking and potentially hazardous situation. You can avoid this mess with the PowerCube |Original|, which allows power cords to combine into one compact solution.


Researching the best products over the Internet not only saves your time but also gives you a variety of solutions to choose. We are blessed that the generation is technology driven and social media influenced. We are blessed that smartphones are in our lives to make our living smarter. But what if they run out of batteries in situations where you need them the most?

At just 125g and only 8mm thick, Allocacoc’s PowerBank Slim|Aluminum| 5000mAh is so slim and light that you can carry it around with ease.

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