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Ever since the dawn of time, man has worked tirelessly to make life better. With the advent of computers and the internet, communication and information transfer has become extremely easy. But there’s always been one common way of interacting with these machines.

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To understand how gesture recognition works, it is important to understand how the word “gesture” is defined. In its most general sense, the word gesture can refer to any non-verbal communication that is intended to communicate a specific message. In the world of gesture recognition, a gesture is defined as any physical movement, large or small, that can be interpreted by a motion sensor. It may include anything from the pointing of a finger to a roundhouse kick or a nod of the head to a pinch or wave of the hand. Gestures can be broad and sweeping or small and contained. In some cases, the definition of “gesture” may also include voice or verbal commands.

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LightCube is a unique lighting unit that redefines the way we interact with light. Through an integrated system, LightCube allows users to create their own lighting environment conveniently throughout our day-to-day: it can be placed anywhere to lighten a room in different ways; it can be switched on/off or even dimmed by simple hand gestures. It delivers an automatic switch that can be activated using hand gestures.Well, Allocacoc’s LightCube is the perfect example of technology getting advanced and smart every day. There’s no way necessary now to walk out to the switch and touch it. Life is simply better when you bring home this unique product which will allow you to control light just by gestures.Gesture recognition, along with facial recognition, voice recognition, eye tracking, and lip movement recognition are components of what developers refer to as a perceptual user interface (PUI). The goal of PUI is to enhance the efficiency and ease of use for the underlying logical design of a stored program, a design discipline known as usability.

Say goodbye to the on/off switch! Just wave your hand in front of the sensor and the LightCube will turn on/off without ever pressing a button.

It’s time to act smart and live smart. Don’t get stuck with ordinary or average lighting for your room. It deserves much more than that! Choose Allocacoc’s LightCube for an extraordinary lifestyle with smarter decisions today.

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