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Technology runs our lives these days. Smartphones, tablets, and computers – we really can’t seem to function without them. In a very short amount of time, technology has exploded in the market and now, many people cannot imagine a life without it.

Technology is changing every day; It’s getting advanced and better

Next-generation technologies are changing the ways we travel, how we define transportation and mobility options. We travel faster but we are also fortunate to have better-quality, more comfortable accommodations together with helpful tools and apps that let us do it more frequentlyTechnology has forever changed the way billions travel either for pleasure or business. Smartphones, AI, electronic payments, social media and so on have, for better and worse, affected travel in incalculable ways.

Allocacoc’s e-scooters come in different colors; they are energy efficient


Travelling is fun, and technology in every way is making it a blessing. One of the newest innovations of Allocacoc is E-scooter. The E-Scooter is an affordable, convenient and speedy scooter. With its light-weighed frame, you can easily bring it along. When folded you can pull it with you and it even stands by itself, making it an easy companion during public travel. To support green traveling and on the environment to optimize the environment and bringing more comfort during your traveling, we hope the E-Scooter Foldable will bring more convenience and joy into your life.

With short of span of time, you can reach your destinations with this e-scooter


With this innovation, it will be technically promoting green traveling. If sustainability is important to you an electric bike may be a perfect alternative to driving. As you charge the battery yourself, you have complete control over how eco-friendly your bicycle is. If your electricity supplier is green, then you are good to go!

It can be folded and carried even in public transports because of its lightness


Allocacoc’s E-scooter is just 11kg. It has been designed keeping in mind the lightness and durability. It’s easy to carry even in public transport. With the help of the trolley wheels, you can make it stand or pull it along. Controlling your speed is just no more a hectic activity if you’re using E-scooter. The more energy it saves, the more health benefits you can achieve from it keeping in mind all the greener benefits of riding this e-scooter.

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