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Want to add some fun to your desk? Sheepi is the answer! Sheepi’s strong magnetic body allows you to securely hold your paperclips (or staples, hairclips, and other metal accessories). It is the perfect accessory if you like organizing and personalizing your desk.

No one can resist the magnetic charm of Sheepi!

Fun Magnetic Paperclip Holder

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Product Technical Info

Colour Sheepi: Black; Paperclips: White
Size 10 x 6 x 4.5cm
Weight 127g including paperclips
Includes 30 white paperclips


The Sheepi is quite magnetic, so that paper clips can be adhered onto its body.


As more and more paper clips are added, the sheep will become more and more round. It is funny to see the sheep get more and more fat; it resembles feeding a pet. This will also make every sheep unique, as what you place onto it is your choice.


The outer package will use simple and fresh colors, the front is transparent, and people can see it directly.