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When I woke up, the sky was still dark and I thought maybe it was around dawn..But! NO!!

It was already 9 A.M! It is just that it was raining so heavily that the sky was pitch dark and seemed as if covered! The office appeared to be an impossible task. Although the official and most genuine reason for not going that day was obviously the water clogged streets, it was no denying that it was the perfect monsoon day meant to be spent by nothing but only relaxing! What could be more peaceful than watching the water dripping down the window panes, meanwhile all I would do is gorge on cookies and some steaming cup of strong coffee! The plan was this and a season of FRIENDS included.

As the day went on, and I was along 7 episodes down, the weather started becoming soberer and the constant sound on the pane made the tired mind, relax! The light became too low in the room and was hurting my eyes which were on the screen. All I wanted to do was to switch on the lights, but that would mean doing the mountainous task of getting up from my warm comfortable spot by the bed and crawling up to the switchboard and then turning on the light. But just as I was lamenting on my lack of a better technology to turn off all devices by one single switch, the PowerCube Remote came to my mind.

It was a recent buy after a very intriguing catalog I had seen, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to use it yet!

All I had to do was to press the small remote to switch off everything at one go. The PowerCube Remote is a unique device, which is connected to the PowerCube and that connects it to all the devices. One can go and roam about in any room and it would still operate. All I needed to do was press the cute soft button anytime and all the switches would operate like magic.

PowerCube is indeed a Friend you can bank upon.

The innovative design has been made keeping the busy and hectic life in mind. The Cubic form or shape makes the PowerCube Unique and attractive. Multiple charging devices with one output make life easier. The different colors allow you to choose among the various PowerCube, according to your mood and taste, and a remote along with it is a cherry on top of a cake. The Small size remote allows you to operate all the devices at home or office with just one click. This has actually made things more smooth and convenient to use.

Allocacoc PowerCube Remote has sustainable and convenient use and is a must for all modern household and offices.  I have got mine.

Are you going for your one?

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