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Fat is a living, breathing thing that affects your hormones, inflammation and even the level of toxins in your body. While it’s tough to stick with healthy eating and exercise every day, this info, about what fat really does to your body, is a great motivator when you need help sticking to your diet and improving your body composition.

It’s very important to start working out and remove fat in order to get a fit body nowadays as several diseases may affect your body when you gain too much weight!

Different people have different Ideal Body weights. One cannot compare their ideal body weight with someone else’s as several factors are taken into consideration when calculating that number. Since, no two persons can have the exact same age, muscle-fat ratio, height, sex, and bone density at any given time, it is impossible to have one measure of what ideal body weight at a certain age should be.

So, in simple words “Ideal Body Weight” is a range of weights that tells you whether YOUR weight is in proportion with YOUR height and gender. But what takes precedence over achieving an Ideal Body Weight is if the range you are targeting is the best for you. That means are you targeting a healthy goal?


Maintaining a healthy ideal weight not only adds to your overall fitness but it also keeps your susceptibility to various diseases low. An overweight person is at a higher risk of developing serious health issues which range from diabetes to heart ailments. Also, it’s never too late to aim to be at your ideal body weight even if you have been ignoring it till now. If you already have certain problems like High blood pressure, breathing problems, etc. maintaining a healthy body weight will help you control these diseases and in most cases, the symptoms are considerably reduced.

In order to measure your weight of body fat, Allocacoc works as a blessing as they are about to introduce a superbly efficient product known as “WeightScale”.

WeightScale is extremely easy to carry around with the integrated handle. The WeightScale uses a rechargeable polymer battery instead of the throw-away batteries used in most other scales. This protects the environment as well as being easier to charge. Thanks to its unique constructional design, this product weighs in at just 1.17kg. You can measure your weight or body fat without the need for an app or a Bluetooth or WiFi-connection, making the scale accessible to anyone and ready to go!

Get ready to purchase it and start measuring your body fat and get started with fitness and diet chart!



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