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‘We’ve got our own power – the power of the purse.’

A Woman’s most important accessory since time immortal is her purse! Without a handbag, she incomplete and dissatisfied too! Nowadays it is almost crucial to carry a handbag for safety, comfort and practical necessities. Keys, phone, make-up, and definitely pepper spray.

A handbag is the very first multi-using product that we used without ever realizing how important it is and how much time and stress we save. But not all bags stand for an easier life, because of limited space, unhelpful design, and other factors.

In today’s world, it is quite problematic to carry 3-4 bags at the same time, for separate gadgets and needs. Hence, the need for a better design for a bag was felt. Allocacoc’s FoldBag is one such design. Facilitating all the needs in one bag, FoldBag is a four-in-one bag which can be seamlessly turned into a Purse, Backpack, Tote, and Shopper. Talking about a multitasking bag, only this bag comes to my mind. FoldBag is also the winner of IF Design Award in the ‘Leisure’ category. FoldBag has a lot of innate features and can be easily converted into according to our immediate requirement. We can even carry our Laptop since it can easily fit a 15inch laptop also!

But the biggest concern dealt with this FoldBag is that not only can the zipper be hidden, but you can also flip the bag upside down so that the opening is at the bottom, making it even more difficult for pickpockets to reach. I was sold by this feature alone!
After repeated designing, innovation, modification, and testing, the FoldBag provides for Three storage compartments, Four-in-one integrated strap to let you easily switch from Purse to Tote and others.

A handbag is daily worn and thanks to Allocacoc I now have the most convenient use of it. Just last week, while I was coming back from the office, my mother called me and asked to bring some groceries. Usually, I would come home and then again go out to with a grocery bag to shop! But this time, I just turned my FoldBag into a shopping bag and explored the grocery market!

FoldBag has made my life much simpler and I would recommend it to anyone who has such multi-use of their bags.

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