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The current scenario in the country is really at its worst. Recently, in the Pulwama attack, we have lost 44 CRPF jawans. We condemn in the strongest possible terms the cowardly terrorist attack on our brave security forces.


The official said buses carrying the paramilitary troopers were returning in a convoy to Srinagar when a Scorpio car rammed into one of the buses.

A Kashmiri local who was standing at a distance from the site of the Thursday blast said it “felt like an earthquake” had hit the area.

“I felt everything shaking for a moment, then there was smoke. I felt my body was moving and the earth beneath my feet was opening up. It was a very powerful explosion,” the 45-year-old resident, who refused to be identified, told Al Jazeera.

“I walked a little near the spot and there were body parts lying everywhere. It was a bloody scene,” he said.

Another resident, who lives in Lethpora, said there was chaos everywhere. “We were sitting inside our home. We only heard the explosion but did not know what had happened.”

While this incident happened on 14th February, Valentine’s day, the whole world was celebrating love and peace. Some of the cowards have silently taken this bizarre step! We can never forget this incident. We can never forget this date. It will be considered as the black day in Indian History.

Allocacoc is saluting all the brave heroes who have given up their lives in order to make all the other countrymen’s life safe and secure. They are our real heroes. We wish them more power! we are truly grateful to their contribution to our country.




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