As the number of different kinds of digital devices people have discovered, it has become crucial to managing their power supply and therefore the market of power bank is largely expanding. People who use smartphones are the backbone of power bank consumption.

People have greater needs for charging service in airports, hotels and other leisure facilities. Besides, with its function and special design, power bank also becomes a hot choice as gifts. In short, the power bank market is rapidly expanding nowadays.


Like all technology, power bank has also evolved over time. In the past ten or more years, power bank developed from a simple combination of a control circuit and a few AA batteries to more complex ones with multiple functions such as LED flashlight and wi-fi. This passage takes a quick look at where the power bank has been over the years and what the future is for it.

We can say that power banks are quite handy devices which help us recharge our phones, tablets, digital cameras, even laptops without AC power plugs and sockets. Simply speaking, the power bank stores energy from the power socket and later it transfers it to the mobile device when needed.

Well, Allocacoc’s is present here with all the modern electrical gadgets that your electronic devices need. There are two types of PowerBanks present in the market and one more type is yet to enter. They all come in many different sizes and shapes, plus they all have some specific features which make them stand out of the crowd.

PowerBank Slim:  At just 125g and only 8mm thick, the PowerBank Slim|Aluminum| 5000mAh is so slim and light that you can carry it around with ease. Re-charge your PowerBank and phone with just one cable, through a Lightning or Micro-USB port. Simply shake the PowerBank to check its battery level.

PowerBank Duo Wireless: The PowerBank charges your phone wirelessly, and also charges itself wirelessly. The PowerBank can be charged with an Apple Lightning cable as well as with a USB-C cable.

PowerBank Plug: Well, it’s just an advanced version of PowerBank Slim and PowerBank Duo. It’s yet to enter the market.

With a good quality power bank, you will feel much better when you come in a situation to use it.





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