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Heading off on a road trip, or renting a car for your next vacation? As well as the usual collection of snacks and suitcases, there’s one more thing you shouldn’t leave home without a USB car charger. The more people in the car, the truer this becomes, but even solo drivers will benefit from having one. Here are the reasons why, what you should look for when buying one, and a few suggested options.

There are a few other things to think about as well, although none of them are vital. Look for a charger that has a light to let you know when it’s working, but not one so bright it distracts when driving at night. Red is better than blue or white, for that reason.

You should also take the physical size of the charger into consideration. Depending on the vehicle you’re using it in, there’s not always much clearance around the cigarette lighter/accessory port.

Buying a charger that only protrudes by an inch or so avoids accidental knocks and bumps. This is especially relevant when you’re switching vehicles often (rental cars, for instance), and don’t know the exact layout ahead of time.

Allocacoc’s CarCharger Illuminated gets you  2 USB ports illuminated, you can easily plug your devices in the car charger, even in the dark.  The high-powered output of 3.4A that charges all your USB-powered devices, including tablets.

So, keeping in mind the flexibility, power backup, fast charging speed, double charging ports, device pairing capabilities, you should really opt for this Illuminated Car Charger for you! 


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