Adventures are always fun. Climbing a hill is not just about the view from the top. It’s about slaying monsters, spotting rare butterflies and distant landmarks, peering through telescopes, and raiding castles.

Hills can be daunting to even the best cyclists. One of the most obvious advantages of electric bikes is their ability to conquer hills. By using the battery to assist by increasing your average hill-climbing speed and you’ll be at the top before you know it!

The 3 things to remember are that riding a bike is great for the environment, great for your health and overall, it’s just a better way to see the world. But what it boils down to in the end is that it should be fun.

An electric bicycle augments human power and not replacing it. Therefore, pedaling is required when riding on an e-bike, and this is especially valid when going up a hill.

Electric bikes can be designed specifically for better hill climbing or optimized for better range or speed. Motors with a higher nominal power rating may offer more hill climbing ability (torque) but will reduce the range. The motor power efficiency is not constant, it is designed to have maximum efficiency at a specific speed and this effect varies as speed goes up or down.

There’s simplicity in the design of Allocacoc’s E-Bike. You can choose between full-power electric, pedal-assist electric or zero-power, easily switching between the three modes of riding. The battery is safely locked on the back of the bike. This can be removed and replaced by an extra battery while the other is being recharged.


It’s time to pack those travel bags and head to hill stations with Allocacoc’s E-Bike! Plan your trip now.


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