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On average, the typical digital consumer owns 3.64 electronic devices. This makes approximately 4 different types of charging cables. In addition, most of these devices require internet connection.

The goal of the PowerStrip Modular is to provide a relief from countless adaptors and incompatible tech by providing an easy solution that fits YOUR needs. Commit now to reducing the amount of adaptors, chargers, remotes, extenders and whatnot that is creating a mess not only at home, but also around e-waste dumps all over the world.

Made from flame retardant polycarbonate, the main PowerStrip module consists of three power sockets, while you can choose from 10 modules including the WIFI, USB-C ports, Remote control, or light module. The cable length stretches 1m long and comes with child-safe lock.Think of a Lego set where you can latch different modules to the main PowerStrip. Click on and off, it’s as simple as that.

WIFI — The WIFI module is great if you have a weak signal or have no wifi at all! Just plug it in to the PowerStrip Modular base and extend the range of your existing wifi or create a new wifi hub altogether by connecting an internet cable!

Light — Literally a module that lights up through sensor motion.

The PowerStrip is borne out of Allocacoc’s DesignNest initiative. Being designers at heart, we believe that every product has room for improvement. The DesignNest initiative aims to help designers put their design onto shelves worldwide. Our assistance range from providing design feedback to use of our in-house production facility to distribution and worldwide sales.


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