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We all have had that moment when we have to go to the toilet late at night and we bump our knees on the edge of a bed. Or when we have to leave for work and we end up forgetting our keys at home. What about that important dentist appointment you missed last week?

Being clumsy is part of daily life and even though it’s unavoidable, it is always possible to reduce the trait! Here are some tips from us to lead a clumsy-free life:

Stay Organized

Put all your appointments and to-do lists in an agenda and stick to it! Nowadays, there are plenty of productivity apps you can download to start organizing your life such as  Wunderlist or for to-do lists and Gero for time management.

Declutter Your Surroundings

Does the word ‘Konmari’ ring a bell to you? It is the newest method of organizing your personal space: the Konmari method. The main purpose of Konmari method is to keep the things that bring you joy and to let go of the things that don’t, making room for things that matter. To find out more about the method, this article is a good place to start.

Invest in Smart Home Devices

Nowadays, smart devices are being produced massively to help people create a more sustainable and easy lifestyle at home. Devices like smart light bulbs, smart locks, and smart all-device controllers are designed to make life easier. For example, owning a smart lock like this will reduce the chance of forgetting your house keys.

Moreover, there are smart devices that will turn on your appliances when they sense any movement or sound, like this. Pretty neat, right?

Practice Mindful Movements

By practicing mindful movements, your body ‘predicts’ your movements and your mind to be present in the current situation, making you feel aware of your senses and reduces clumsy movement. For example, when you are walking, be completely aware of your surroundings, your walking style, and where you are going to. When you are eating, eat somewhere with no distractions and try to pay attention on how the food tastes and the food texture. You can read more about mindful movements from this article.

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