Introducing the audioCube Portable Modular that allows you to create your own surround sound system by pairing multiple audioCube Portable |Modular| together. You can also pair it with other modules such as Tweeter and Bass to create a multi-layered sound effect.

Play a song from all the speakers throughout your home and enjoy an enhanced 360° audio experience. With audioCube’s omnidirectional speakers, the sound penetrates air space and interacts with the room. Its incredible bass is further amplified by a vibrating plane, which also acts as an on/off switch.

Simply connect your device via Bluetooth to an audioCube Portable |Modular|, and pair this with another one placed 30 M away. No bulky external power adapter is required due to its integrated power circuit, making it even more portable and easy to charge. No app or Internet connection is required. With a battery life of 12 hours and infinite pairing, this is the sturdiest and most modular Bluetooth speaker for your home.

audioCube Portable|Modular|
Create your infinite surround sound system

More Info

Product Technical Info

Audio input AUX
Base Color White
Battery capacity 11.1V, 1400mAh, 12hours playback
(depends on audio playback volume and content)
Battery charging time 3 hours
Electrical impedance
Frequency range 40Hz-20KHz
Multi-unit communication method Bluetooth
Power connector USB-C
Power input 5V 2A
Power output 30W
Rubber color Dark gray
SNR 90dB
Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0 (distance: 10m)
No Wi-Fi, No Apps; Just a Click of a Button

No Wi-Fi, No Apps; Just a Click of a Button

Instantly connect your smartphone to multiple audioCubes, you do not need Wi-Fi or an app. With just the click of one button your device will immediately pair to multiple audioCubes.
Add Modules to Create your Own Personalized Sound System

Add Modules to Create your Own Personalized Sound System

Pair a “Host” audioCube Portable |Modular| with other audioCube modules like the Bass and Tweeter, to create your own specific sound. Connect multiple Bass audioCubes for a deeper sound to hear the lower beats or add multiple Tweeter audioCubes for higher pitched sounds.
Multi-room Home Speaker System

Multi-room Home Speaker System

Connect multiple audioCubes throughout your home from up to 30m (98 ft.) away. You can create your own surround sound system allowing music to flow through your home like air.
You can Never Have too Many

You can Never Have too Many

One audioCube is not enough. Continually add more audioCubes to your collection to connect them to one another. It is the perfect gift to get or give more than once, you can pair multiple speakers together for a stronger sound.
Strong Bass

Strong Bass

Enjoy the bass-enhancing subwoofer in the audioCube as you listen to your favorite songs. The strong bass in one audioCube enhances the sound for the highest quality listening experience.
Long-lasting Battery, Listen up to 12 Hours

Long-lasting Battery, Listen up to 12 Hours

With one full charge you can listen to all of your favorite music on the audioCube for 12 hours. The portable speaker is built to last for your party, BBQ and all your family gatherings.
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