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Inspiration can come from anywhere, no exception for Lu Yicong. Even though he looks tough and strong from the outside, he quotes art and poetry as his biggest muses. We sit down with him to pick his brain and his methods of working.
A (Allocacoc): Dusk is a creative product. What is your thought process of blending the changes from dark to white colors in a clock?
L (Lu Yicong): For me, finding inner connections is like a poetic expression. The same thing goes with inventing DUSK. The color change is similar to the link between the time and the sky.
A: Were there any difficulties or challenges throughout this project?
L: The original design was to make DUSK a table clock. However, since the execution was harder than the original design, we decided to change it to a wall clock instead.
The original concept of DUSK clock
First Concept Of  Dusk Clock
A: What are your hobbies other than design?
L: In addition to design, I am passionate about photography and poetry books.
Photos clicked by Yicong.


Yicong.’s Photography
A: Where does your design inspiration come from?
L: Life is my inspiration. I like discovering small pieces of life and integrate them into my works.
A: Why did you study industrial design and why did you choose it as your career?
L: I feel that everyday objects are the source of joy in life. If you can create a product that is good for your environment, it will also provide a channel for people to be calm.
Other Projects By Lu Yicong
Other Projects
A: Can you name some industrial designers that influence your design?
L: My works are influenced by designer Dieter Rams, Naoto Naoto, Tanaka Ike, poet Tanikawa Taro, and philosopher Nietzsche.
A: Nowadays, Scandinavian clean design has taken the world by storm. Do you think this is a barrier for you? For the current commercial market, what kind of considerations do you have when you design a product?
L: Some designs are serious self-expression of life while some are means of commercial demands. Sometimes I blend these factors.
A: In the future, what do you have planned for your career?
L: I hope that my design will play a role in society, maybe create a new cognition on a certain subject. In the future, I plan to find a group of like-minded designers and build a team together.
A: How do you feel on working with the DesignNest team for your DUSK project?
L: I enjoy this collaboration. It is my first contact with a platform that helps designers to implement their own style in their products and reach out to the public.


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