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For some, “prayer” can be a scary word. It sounds so loaded, so religious, so… profound.

I used to feel this way, too. Prayer was something for the super-religious folk, those who wanted to pray to their God or Jesus or whatever. That just wasn’t my thing. Even though I believed strongly in God and do consider myself religious, it just seemed a little strange to me to talk to the sky every night before bed, hoping that some omnipotent voice would speak back to me and give me everything I ever wanted.

I relied strictly on meditation, thinking that with enough personal insight, I would solve all the deep emotional troubles that led me to disordered eating. There’s nothing wrong with meditation (in fact I think we could all benefit from a daily practice), and perhaps that is where I could have found my answer, but then my eyes were opened to a new way of thinking about prayer.

I learned that prayer is about saying, “I am powerful, but I also can’t do everything by myself. No one can.” Prayer is about trusting that you are being taken care of by something greater than yourself – call it God, the Universe, mother Earth – the name doesn’t really matter. Prayer is knowing that when you feel helpless, something’s got your back.

Prayer beckons us to boldly declare a Kingdom experience that is not yet experienced. It demands our attention, focus, and presence. In prayer, we embark on a dangerous journey into the heart of our God who is a consuming fire!

It’s a wonderful feeling when you keep faith in the things working or processing according to God. I have seen it works incredibly beautiful in erasing all the negative feelings of your mind.

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